A quick hunger fix…. Mornflake

Most of us have busy lives working or looking after families, some of us manage to juggle both. I find that sometimes that means food takes second place. I often try out new products in the supermarket or that I seen at foodie exhibitions. So my plan is to tell my readers every week about my great findings. Some of these things are great to snack on or maybe solutions for a quick breakfast or lunch.

I wanted to make my first a find of mine for breakfast.  I’m sure we have all seen recently in the shops pot porridge. I really enjoy a good porridge as it tends to fill me up til lunch. There are all types out there but the majority work on the same principle – porridge in a pot that needs no real hassle. Just fill to the line on the pot with water stir then cover for a few minutes.

The one I prefer the most so far as been from a company called Mornflake. Mornflake have managed to combine both porridge and Golden syrup a home favourite. So easy to prepare and the porridge feels really creamy with a sweet flavour from the syrup. The pots even come with a handy fold up soon.

You can check the pots out at www.mornflake.com


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  1. Damian
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 06:41:04

    Is A quick hunger fix. Mornflake passionsideasanddreams really giving the green light on quick fix, please provide further details.


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