WAT KITCHEN launches Asian range for busy foodies…..

Busy foodies are being tempted to the heat & eat market with WAT KITCHEN, a new range of ambient pan-Asian meals from Crown Foods Ltd.

Made with chicken breast pieces and fresh vegetables, the ‘chicken & rice’ and ‘chicken & noodle’ combos use authentic recipes which have been specifically designed to fill the shelves, store-cupboards & desk drawers of Britain’s world-food fans.

MD of WAT KITCHEN, John Pickett, explains, “Ready meals have evolved and modern consumers are looking for grab & go world food that fits in with their busy lifestyles without compromising on quality.

Using this as our inspiration, each WAT KITCHEN meal includes a sauce, and rice or noodle pouch which hungry consumers can microwave, and eat straight from the take-out style box, in just 2 ½ minutes.”

John continues, “Customers can choose from Sweet & Sour, Black Bean, Teriyaki and Chilli & Thai Basil flavours. As well as filling a gap for high quality world-food on the go, each meal is under 353 calories and low in fat and saturated fat, which is ideal for the many health conscious consumers out there. If there was such a thing as feng shui food, this would be it!”

Boasting a 12 month shelf life, the brightly coloured boxes are certainly hard to walk past unnoticed. WAT KITCHEN officially launched in October to 500+ chain retail stores this month.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/WATKITCHEN or email: WATKITCHEN@crownfoods.co.uk

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