A Sugary Treat….

Yesterday I went to the launch of Tate and Lyle Sugar’s new Fairtrade Beverage Syrups range. I was able to sample the syrups in Lattes and also sodas. They have three new flavours which are available now – Vanilla, Caramel and Hazelnut. Tate & Lyle have created recipes to show how the products can be used. Today I received a beautiful hamper with the syrups in to test the recipes for myself, I can’t wait to try them out!



A quick hunger fix…. Slim Sam’s Cakery

Lets be honest we all love cake! There is nothing better than having a nice cake and a coffee. Slim Sam’s Cakery have mastered beautiful cakes but with around 40% less fat than typical cakes!

Slim Sam’s cakes are made with locally sourced free range eggs, wheat flour, two types of sugar and a small amount of sugar-based sweetener and non-hydrogenated margarine. The recipe needs less fat and sugar than the standard cake which is how they reduce their calories. The cakes are only 170 per cake!!!

The cakes come in 6 flavours including – lemon, berry, banana, coffee, ginger and Jammy. The cakes all come in their own individual pot as this keeps the cakes fresher for longer.  The cakes are absolutely divine!! They are moist and so tasty, which surprised me as they have so little sugar in them. My favourite was the Jammy cake. You bite into the vanilla cake and then are greeted with Jam that oozes from the centre of the cake and all topped off with a strawberry on top of the cake.


When the cakes were delivered to my desk at work I was so impressed with how they were wrapped. The six cakes cake individually wrapped with a bow on top of each. They were all packed nicely with black tissue paper surrounding them and were placed in a black box. I get a lot of cakes and food to be sampled, but it’s not often that such thought is put into how they are presented. They looked beautiful. They would make a perfect gift for someone to receive.


As another added touch in each box there is a post card from Slim Sam’s Cakery which tells the story of how the company started. This was also personalised to myself from the company. A lovely touch!


I would very much recommend treating yourself or a friend to these cakes!

You can purchase at – www.loveyourlarder.com/slimsamscakery 

To check out Slim Sam’s Cakery for yourself please go to – www.slimsamscakery.co.uk you can also follow them on twitter @SlimSamsCakery. Slim Sam’s Cakery regularly tweet with news so it’s a great way of keeping up to date. Their latest claim to fame is that they are the winners of the food and drinks category in the Medway culture and design awards!